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Harmon Doors offers a wide range of interior doors and door slabs to fit every need and budget.
We can replace your entire door unit including door jambs, wood casing and door slab or just the door slab itself custom cut  to fit your existing door jamb.

We offer a complete range of interior doors including the following in a range of styles and materials.  Most door styles can be ordered in standard paint grade or wood stain grade.

  • Hollow core. This is the standard door found on most homes.
  • Solid core. Used most often for better sound control for bedroom, bathroom and home theater doors.
  • Smooth Finish.  Door slab has smooth finish.
  • Textured Finish. Door slab has simulated wood grain finish.
  • Interior French doors. Typical 10 of 15 lite door used on home offices and or dens.
  • Pocket doors. Hidden in wall typically used where space is an issue.
  • Mirrored bi-fold doors. Mirrored closet doors.
  • Bi-fold doors. Standard folding closet door.
  • Bi-pass doors. Individual door slabs that hang from and slide along a track from above the door.
  • Fire door. This is a thicker, solid, fire rated door installed by as per fire code between the garage and the  house.  Installed on an exterior door jamb for energy savings.


CraftMaster Smooth Surface Doors

CraftMaster Wood Grain Textured Doors



Call 407-927-3668 today if you have any questions about interior doors and slabs or to set up an appointment for a free in home estimate.